About Panic Attack Buzz

The invisible pain that accompanies many of us in our daily lives, for reasons like panic attacks, anxiety or depression, depriving us of the pleasures that could, and should, have been ours.

Panic attacks, Anxieties, and Depressions all stem from the uncontrolled behavior of the brain, which for no apparent reason begins to transmit warning, distress, and panic signals.

The reasons are not the main thing. Whether it is congenital, or as a result of growing up in a hostile environment, or a traumatic event, or any other reason, the result is the same, and oppressive.

Like a piece of art that someone had sprayed on, in an act of vandalism, those who had the misfortune to live under the oppressive shadow of the problem, feel that underneath the black shadow pulses a pure soul.

Great people in history, as well as ordinary people, experienced these signs, some continued to function and lead a normal life, while others had difficulty managing a normal life.

We embrace all our brothers who experience these symptoms and wish everyone a peaceful and happy life.

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